Frequently asked Questions

We require 1 to 3 working days on average to fulfill your order before dispatching it.

Rest-assured we are doing everything in our power to get your order to you as soon as possible! Once your order is dispatched, depending on your country or region, estimated delivery time is between 5 to 30 business days.

Please consider any holidays that might impact delivery times.

Shipping cost mainly depends on your Geo-Location. We have 2 types of shipping cost

1. General Shipping: In general shipping shipping cost range is very low $2 – $20. Its normally slow process occasionally we shipped some product free of charge in this method.

2. Premium Shipping: This shipping method is costly range is $20 – $50 usually its very fast than other methods. 

We provide tracking for every order. Tracking will be available once your product is shipped. Each individual product may be shipped from different fulfillment centers across the globe as our product research team spends the time to source for quality yet affordable products.

When you receive your tracking number, if you need help tracking your order you can go here. 

Yes you have to pay the duties and taxes if they are applicable.

We are required by law to state the full value of your order for customs purposes; however most of our customers have reported having no issues with parcels being stuck at Customs.

We are not fully in control over these charges and cannot determine how much they would be if applicable, since customs policies may vary from country to country.

Just in case, you may opt to contact your local customs office for any clarification. You still may be subjected to duties and taxes at the Customs in the event your parcel is being withheld there. Do let us know via should you come across this situation, and we’ll assist you as far as we can!

We currently accept payments using your Paypal accounts or credit/debit cards. As promised, shopping with us is super easy, safe and secured with our PCI-compliant payment gateways! Just click on any item you want to review the details. Select your choice of color, size, etc. if applicable, and click on ‘Add To Cart’. You will then be directed to your Shopping Cart Summary or a cart drawer will appear from the right hand side of your screen. Here, you can choose to continue browsing for more items or proceed with your payment by clicking on the “CHECKOUT” button. If you wish to add more products on your cart, simply go back to our catalog pages or product page, then repeat steps 1 and 2. There are also two ways to checkout: (1) you can click the PayPal button on the cart page which will activate PayPal’s secure payment process in a popup window (2) or you can click on the “CHECKOUT” button to proceed to eCom Payments Ltd standard secure checkout process. Right here, you may again choose to pay using your PayPal balance, or continue using your debit/credit card. If you have clicked the “CHECKOUT” button and been redirected to the checkout page, fill out the required information in each process step. Always double check your order summary in each step as it gets updated e.g. when you are adding a shipping method, or applying a discount code. Make sure to confirm your mailing address and phone number so we can include it on the delivery notice, so the postman can reach you just in case you’re not home when your package arrives. For the 3rd and last step of the checkout process which is the payment method step, proceed with your payment using your debit/credit card or PayPal balance. Always confirm your payment information. Finish your purchase by clicking on “Complete Order” button. You will then be redirected to the thank you/order status page. You may want to bookmark or take note of the information on this page since it contains details (e.g. order tracking number) which you can use later to monitor the status of your purchase or any relevant updates.

If you want to cancel any order you have to contact us within 12hr after you made the payment. 

Please Note: Once your order is Shipped it cannot be cancel. let us know within 12hr if you want to cancel the order

You can also contact us here.

If you have misspelled or auto-filled your address incorrectly, simply reply to your order confirmation email and give us the correct information. Notify us immediately via email at If the address is wrong, we can correct this within 24 hours.


Product’s warranty and guarantee depends on the the product type and condition. It can vary product to product. If you need more information you can contact our friendly support team

For more information do kindly read our Return policy!

Affordable-Shop offers products from various participating merchants, so we cannot really say when the items will be restock.

But you can always let us know if there are certain products that you want and we’ll be more than happy to double check for you!

We are so sorry things didn’t turn out as what you expected! First, do get in touch with one of our friendly customer representatives and we will see what we can do to ease your problems!

Also, please do refer to our Returns policy page for more information on what can and cannot be returned.

Our friendly team of customer services is available at Be sure to subscribe to our email list for our special promotions so you can get better deals for the amazing products we have in store! You can also contact us here.